My close friends would tell you I am highly creative, a fashion stylist, a design enthusiast, a good storyteller, a problem solver, a good hang and a husband to a beautiful little lady. Professionally, I am a Music Composer, Art Director and Songwriter– some of my proudest titles. 

My job as a Music Composer is to enhance the story through music. I partner with soulful, creative and honest storytellers who are working to bring change, start a movement or find their voice. I know if the piece needs more melodic synthesizers or a few less rolls on the tympani. 

A few of my favorite pieces have been created for organizations and movements who are changing our world. Organizations like, Red Bull, Artifact UprisingWorld Vision and The Global Leadership Summit.

I would be honored to partner with you and allow my music to better tell your story. I am here for you!

– Jonny